Our seventh sense is responsible for listening to the unseen and abstract to make moral judgements. 
Bodies as Clothing is a layered metaphor that gently directs a re-awakening of the seventh consciousness to bridge the gap between Western and indigenous animistic cultures for sustainability. Bodies, as clothing, are only a sheath to the unseen universal life-force energy within, l’élan vital. Our clothes and bodies are as one: Our skin absorbs what is in our clothes; what is in our clothes is in our bodies. Our clothes are as our skin. We must feed our clothes as we feed our bodies; everything is interconnected. 
In a world of spectacular consumption, our bodies and clothes are alienated from nature, filled with toxins and numb to feeling. 
Animistic textile cultures understand that all things are interconnected; born from mother nature, source of l’élan vital. With this engrained understanding, answers and daily actions to sustainability from the seventh consciousness arise from within.
A powerful communicator of metaphor, fashion has the power to bridge the conceptual gap between Western and animistic cultures for sustainability.
Metaphors bridge conceptual gaps by blending complex ideas into tangible analogies. 
Inspired by Mario Perniola’s The Sex Appeal of the Inorganic, in a spectacular materialistic world, seeing our bodies as clothing helps us once again become things that not only think, but feel, happiness.

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